"Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you're really strangers." - Mary T. Moore

About Jennifer Jaynes

Jennifer Jaynes is the USA Today bestselling author of the Strangers thriller series. Visit her Amazon page to learn more.

The Definition of Career Success: Q&A with Bestselling Novelist Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff is a bestselling, award-winning author of supernatural, paranormal and crime thrillers. Her accolades include winning a Thriller Award and earning nominations for both a Bram Stoker Award and an Anthony Award. To date, she has written eleven novels. Alexandra has also sold original suspense and horror scripts and written novel adaptations for Hollywood. [...]

Living the Dream: Q&A with Jonas Saul

With 26 novels under his belt and plans for many more, indie thriller novelist Jonas Saul is probably one of the most prolific, successful (and nicest) writers I know. In this Q&A, Saul shares his road to publication, his writing process, his definition of success and more. Describe your road to publication.  In the summer of 2002, I [...]

Indie + Traditional = Success: An Interview With Author HP Mallory

After finishing her first paranormal romance, FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE, HP Mallory landed her dream agent who shopped her manuscript around New York. But, after two to three months of rejections from publishing houses, her literary agent—like many these days—mysteriously disappeared. Deflated, HP gave up. For two years, she did nothing from a publishing standpoint [...]

From News to Novels: Q&A With Bestselling Novelist Michael Connelly

Originally a journalist for several Florida markets, Connelly was one of three reporters short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing in 1986 after covering a major airline crash. Soon thereafter, he packed up and moved to L.A. to work as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times. After three years of working the [...]

Turning Down $500,000 to Self-Publish: Q&A With Novelist Barry Eisler 

If you haven’t heard of bestselling thriller novelist, Barry Eisler, it’s time you have. Former CIA operative and technology lawyer, Barry is now the bestselling author of the insanely popular John Rain series of thriller novels. In this Q&A, Barry discusses his latest title, THE DETACHMENT, the writing life, and the three reasons he turned down a [...]

Self-Publishing Success: An Interview With Bestseller JA Konrath

With more than 500,000 ebooks sold, self-published mystery, thriller, and horror novelist JA Konrath is a huge writing/publishing success by anyone’s standards. The loudest and most controversial voice in self-publishing, Konrath has had his share of detractors over the years, but for every one of his detractors, he has several hundreds of fans who respect his advice and hang on to [...]

Writing a Page-Turner

What’s going to happen next? You turn the pages as quickly as you can. Agitated, you read on, lured by the sense of dread that’s pulsing through your veins. You don’t realize it, but you’re holding your breath. Something’s going to happen. Something big! You just saw Jane Protagonist’s fiancé slip something into her drink. [...]

Understanding Rejection Slips

You think you’ve nailed it. You watch for the postman, day after day, and finally he arrives with the SASE envelope you so lovingly sealed weeks before. Your heart pounding, you run to the mailbox (in your towel) and snatch it out of his hands. It feels awfully light, but you ignore that minor detail. [...]

Self-Made Success: Q&A With Author Joe Hart 

Joe Hart dabbled in writing—from short stories, to screenplays—before discovering the option of self-publishing. In 2011 he decided to go that route, first self-publishing a collection of short stories and shortly thereafter, a novel. That first novel was so successful, it was acquired by Thomas & Mercer. Since then, he’s continually gained momentum, self-publishing two more novels with three others in the [...]

7 Must-Read Books for Thriller Writers

  Over the years, I’ve read every book on writing that I could get my hands on. I’ve gleaned helpful information from almost all of them, but there are seven that have made a lasting impression on me. Whether you’re an aspiring thriller writer or one of the most accomplished, I think you'll find that you can learn a [...]

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