"Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you're really strangers." - Mary T. Moore

For Writers

I’ve always been a student of writing, and always will be. From the writing craft itself to the business of successfully selling our work, there’s always so much more we can learn.

Over the years, I’ve devoured the For Writers sections of many author’s websites and learned a great deal, so I thought I’d use this space to share some of the books, videos, articles, blog posts and resources that have most helped me.


Writing a Page-Turner

Understanding Rejection Slips

7 Must-Read Books for Thriller Writers

8 Tips for Error-Free Writing

Baby Steps; Giant Results!


The Definition of Career Success: Q&A with Bestselling Novelist Alexandra Sokoloff

Living the Dream: Q&A with Jonas Saul

Indie + Traditional = Success: An Interview With Author HP Mallory

From News to Novels: Q&A With Bestselling Novelist Michael Connelly

Turning Down $500,000 to Self-Publish: Q&A With Novelist Barry Eisler 

Self-Publishing Success: An Interview With Bestseller JA Konrath

Self-Made Success: Q&A With Author Joe Hart 

When Inspiration Strikes: Q&A With Author Simon Wood

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Fame: Q&A with Author Gregg Olsen 

Self-Published to Signed: Q&A With Author James Hankins

Angela Marsons: A Path of Perseverance

Bestselling Thriller Author Melinda Leigh

Recipe for Success: An Interview with Thriller Novelist T.R. Ragan

The Publishing Game: An Interview with Michael Prescott

Inside the Mind of Thriller Novelist, Peter Abrahams

Jennifer Jaynes on Her Writing Process

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